제목 Tentech has obtained domestic certification for skin collagen monopolar RF medical equipment
등록일 2022-10-17
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텐텍, 피부 콜라겐 고주파 의료장비 '텐써마' 국내 인증 취득
Tentherma (10 Therma) is a monopolar RF medical device that generates high heat in the dermis in a non-invasive manner to regenerate collagen. In particular, Tentherma is attracting attention by
applying the Smart Temperature Cooling (S.T.C.) system with up to 400W output and 6.78MHz frequency band.

The S.T.C. system is a technology that reduces pain and improves safety by always maintaining the tip temperature at a constant temperature even when a shot is not irradiated. In addition, the
procedure applicator consists of a total of four types, including an eye tip (0.25mm), two face tips (5.0mm, 4.0mm), and a body tip (20.0mm), which can transmit more energy during the procedure by mounting a wider tip than other companies' equipment.

The person fromTentech said, "In clinical practice, Tentsuma increased the degree of collagen production by 15%. "Tentherma is currently applying for eight international patents, and we will expand
sales in overseas markets when the U.S. FDA and European CE certification are issued next year," he added.

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