제목 Tentech selects Clara as 10Thera model
등록일 2022-08-31
조회수 136

Tentech Inc., a dermatology laser specialist, announced on the 24th

that it has selected Clara as a model for 10Thera.

Clara is well-known and established as a famous movie actress in China.

Tentech's strategy is to promote 10Thera Lifting as Clara Lifting by selecting Clara.

Tentech official said, "The domestic sales and overseas exports of the first

2Line HIFU in Korea released by Tentech, are gradually increasing, and it is becoming

a synonym for dermatology lifting treatment. We are also preparing TV and video commercials

with Clara as a model”.

10Sono, the recently launched LDM equipment for maintenance offices, is also expected to

gradually increase interest due to its reasonable price and excellent quality.

10Sono has a function of penetrating the active ingredients of cosmetics into the dermis

by using microbubbles in the ultrasonic mode of 1Mhz, so its utility is high.

10Therma, which is scheduled to be released in March, is a high-frequency lifting device

that is expected to show excellent results in the preclinical evaluation of collagen production

using pig skin conducted at the Department of Dermatology of Gachon University.

Tentech, an advisory firm to NH Investment Stock, is preparing for a listing

on the KOSDAQ at the end of this year or early next year.